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Fabrication Warranty

FabCo offers a sixty (60) day warranty on custom laminated devices and fourteen (14) days on all plastic devices for work order accuracy, materials, and construction defects.


The warranty period begins when the device and/or Service leaves (ship date) FabCo’s facility. Components manufactured by other OEMs/companies are subject to the manufacturer’s warranty guidelines and are not covered under this policy. Once a warranty claim has been approved, the defective socket is to be returned to FabCo and the socket will be remade according to the specifications found in the original work order. Any request to make changes to the original work order will constitute it becoming a new work order and the customer will be charged the full amount. Approved warrantied items will be given high priority and moved through production as quickly as possible. 


Warranty claims made due to poor or improper fit will be given consideration on a case-by-case basis and will be processed at the sole discretion of FabCo. FabCo reserves the sole right to determine if a fabricated device or service meets the definition of a warrantied item.

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