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The client portal currently contains the lower extremity lamination, test socket, upper extremity order forms for easy access. 

Terms of Sale


New Accounts

Credit terms are available for approved accounts. For all new accounts, we require two trade references and information about the bank with which you do business. Credit application must be approved before orders will be shipped. 


Payments should be made via check to the address listed below:

FabCo Prosthetic Designs

820 Fesslers Parkway, Suite 310

Nashville, TN 37210


Statements of Account are mailed at the end of each month if the account list any items that are past due. If a different frequency is preferred, please let us know.


Shipments are F.O.B. shipping point. If requesting a “rush” shipment, the buyer is responsible for the full rush shipment charge as well as any additional handling fees. 

Shipping Insurance - UPS covers items for a $100.00 maximum for loss or damage. Additional insurance can be provided at customers expense and request. Additional insurance is always recommended. FabCo Prosthetic Designs, or its affiliates,  will not be held responsible for lost or damaged products.

Damaged Shipments - If your package arrives damaged, please report it to the carrier upon receipt. If you have any problems, please contact us. 


Terms are due upon receipt unless otherwise noted for the customer's account. All items past 30 days are subject to a 1.5% per month finance charge–an effective annual rate of 18%. There will be a $30.00 service charge on all checks returned unpaid.


Past Due Accounts with bills due over sixty (60) days may be placed on hold at our discretion. Past due bills over (90) days may be placed into a collections process. The customer will be held liable for any and all costs associated with the collection of any past due funds and attorney fees arising from collection efforts made. All collection charges and fees incurred in collecting past due accounts will be billed and must be paid in full before shipments of orders are resumed.

Product Pricing & Warranty 


Products Pricing

All distribution products are discounted to central fabrication customers at a special rate. These discounts are based on terms. Base pricing may change without notice. Any items not included in the fee schedule may be subject to an additional charge and handling fee.


Product Returns

In order to return a product, you must receive an authorization number. Please call us at 615-969-1164 in order to confirm eligibility and obtain authorization. Regular stock items must be in saleable condition and in the packaging that it was sold in. Returns must be requested within 10 business days of receipt of order. A copy of the invoice or packing slip must accompany all returns. All custom fabricated items are non-returnable. Please see our central fabrication warranty below.


Central Fabrication Warranty

We provide warranty services on our custom-fabricated devices. All other items and their respective warranties will go through the company that provided the item.


FabCo Prosthetic Designs provides warranty services on the custom-fabricated device itself. FabCo Prosthetic Designs does not offer any warranty for the resulting fit of the device nor for the patient’s outcome with the device. 

As part of our service, we offer modifications to the original cast/mold upon the customer’s request and in accordance with the instructions provided on the original work order. However, even with our extensive expertise, many factors remain outside of our control and could result in an unacceptable device fit. 


The risk for an unacceptable fit is inherent to the fabrication process, whether the device is fabricated by a central fabrication facility (e.g. FabCo Prosthetic Designs) or in house.  As such, FabCo Prosthetic Designs cannot accept sole liability for the resulting fit of or outcome with any patient device.


Terms of the Warranty


  • FabCo Prosthetic Designs guarantees all custom-fabricated devices for workmanship defects, differences from the requested alignment, and/or sockets not meeting the standards provided on the corresponding work order for a period of 60 days beginning from the date the item was received.

  • For all warranty items, FabCo Prosthetic Designs reserves the right to request the return of the unsatisfactory item and/or documentation of the defects prior to offering a replacement. Return shipping cost is the customer’s responsibility. 

  • If a warranty is requested,  the original fabricated device must be returned back to FabCo Prosthetic Designs for evaluation to determine eligibility of warranty and credit status. Items not returned for evaluation may be rejected for warranty service.

  • Warranty service is limited to the original instructions and requests made on the original work order. No additional modifications will be made.

  • Warranty service is not provided to past due accounts. The customer’s account must be in good standing to be eligible for warranty service.

  • Should the customer suspect any problem(s) with a device, contact FabCo Prosthetic Designs at 615-969-1164 to discuss details before making any modifications/addressing the problem(s) oneself.

New Accounts
Terms of Sale
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