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About Us


Nick Gambill

Our team of fabricators is led by Nick Gambill, a graduate of The University

of Tennessee at Martin where he earned a degree in Health and Human

Performance with a focus in Exercise Physiology. Upon graduating in  2005,

Nick began his career in the Orthotic and Prosthetic field as a technician with

the intent of becoming a Certified Prosthetist, but quickly became enamored by

the fabrication side. Nick spent 2 years as an Orthotic and Prosthetic technician before becoming an ABC Certified Prosthetic Technician. Since 2008, Nick has concentrated his efforts on the materials, design, and fabrication of prosthetic devices. Nick's knowledge of current trends in prosthetic design, material selection, and fabrication techniques allows him to work with Clinicians to create the most appropriate prosthetic solution for their patients.

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Purchasing and Inventory Manager
Carter 2020 FabCo Logo.jpg


ABC Certified Prosthetic Technician
Kaylee 2020 FabCo Logo.jpg


Office Manager
Aaron 2020 FabCo Logo jpg.jpg


ABC Certified Prosthetic Technician
Fabrication Assistant Manager
Cherie 2020 FabCo Logo.jpg


ABC Certified Prosthetic Technician
AJ 2020 FabCo Logo.jpg


ABC Certified Prosthetic Technician
CAD Engineer
Meet the Team --

Over 50 years of Combined Experience

Our diverse team of technicians provides additional support to prosthetists and their patients' care. ABC Certifications and consistent continuing education provide this team with the knowledge to back their craftsmanship. From CAD/CAM engineers to quality control specialists each member of our team is highly trained and supported in their roles. They pride themselves in superior product fabrication and enjoy being a part of the patient care process.

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